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WEIHONG Devotes to Intelligent Manufacturing in China
On 5th, November, China International Import Expo (CIIE) 2018 is held in Shanghai. A German “Taurus Gantry Milling Machine” with mass 156 tons has attracted much attention....
Updata Time:2018-12-01
WSDA Series: New Members of WISE Servo Drives
WISE servo drive has been put into market for many years and overcome various difficulties. After nearly half a year of test at scene and in workshop, WEIHONG WSDA series WISE bus-type MECHATROLINK servo drive (hereinafter referred to as M-I...
Updata Time:2018-12-01
WEIHONG AB-type Five-axis Waterjet Cutting System
WEIHONG AB-type five-axis waterjet cutting system is a very important part of WEIHONG system family....
Updata Time:2018-12-01
Weihong HST algorithm improves machining efficiency of small curves and lines by 20%
A powerful and intelligent algorithm lays a solid foundation for CNCsystem. Weihong HST algorithm will be a good choice for you, for highly efficient and intelligent motion control....
Updata Time:2018-11-15
The National Science and Technology Innovative and Entrepreneurial
Recently, the State Ministry of science and technology has announced 2015 innovative talent promotion plan selected list. Nominated by the link of declaration and recommendation, form review, expert review, publicity, etc. 307 young and mid...
Updata Time:2018-11-07
New Arrival-PM95A Card CNC Controller
PC based card cnc controller-PM95A can be widely applied in 3-5 axis cnc woodworking, metal processing, laser cutting industry, etc....
Updata Time:2018-11-07
New Arrival : Shaped Glass Edge Grinding CNC Controller
WEIHONG provides CNC control solutions for 1-5 axes according to the different demand for glass processing precision and shape of the finished product. 5 axis CNC Controller is mainly applied in spell mirror industry....
Updata Time:2018-09-12
WEIHONG Expanding Overseas Market
With the development of globalization, there are lots of Chinese companies with great minds participating in the global market competition in different ways. WEIHONG not only focus on the research of motion control system, but also sales an...
Updata Time:2018-08-23
New Arrival : WEIHONG WISE Servo with Mechatrolink-ⅡBus Protocol
After nearly one year of research and development and test, WEIHONG WISE AC servo with Mechatrolink-II protocol (here in after referred to as M II) will be officially introduced to the market in August 2016....
Updata Time:2018-06-07
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